The Kindred Spirit Band

The Kindred Spirit Band sound is special and distinctive, featuring two more unusual lead instruments and laced with jigs, reels and duelling improvisations. The band also feature Elaine Samuels' beautiful vocals and guitar work, Martin's thrilling and melodic folk and rock violin playing, Catherine's expert flute & saxophone playing, Mike's driving bass rhythms, lovely harmony vocals from Catherine, Martin and Mike and two great drummers (not playing at the same time)! The band play with either legendary (ex Judas Priest, Roger Glover and many other famous names) drummer; Les Binks, or excellent, young, drum professional, Chris Goode, who is also a super keyboard player.

At public events like pubs and beer festivals, the band play more of their classic cover numbers and are introducing new numbers to their repertoire all the time (for example from groups like The Who, NeedToBreathe and Fun).

(Listen to audio clips below for examples of Kindred Spirit versions of classic covers).

You can hear Catherine playing with the current band line up in the second You Tube below and there will be more Catherine audio coming as it is processed. (At the moment, many flute and sax recordings feature our previous player - Annie Parker).


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Clips from "Airplay" Studio Recordings (Oct '08)

cd1.gifThe Chain

(Fleetwood Mac)

cd1.gifBest Days

(Elaine's song)

cd1.gifThe Hunger

(Elaine's song)

cd1.gifForgiven Not Forgotten

(Corr's song)


Clips from the "Doghouse" Studio Recordings

cd1.gif   Hotel California  


cd1.gif  Devil Went Down to Georgia

(Charlie Daniels)

cd1.gif   Lola


cd1.gif   Wish You Were Here

(Pink Floyd)

cd1.gif   Green Man

(one of Elaine's songs)

cd1.gif   The Web

(one of Elaine's songs)


The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)


Come up and see me (Make me smile - Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel)

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photo by Clive Turner