Why Book Kindred Spirit?


They always play completely live (no recorded backing), which means:-

1. They don't sound wooden, exactly like a juke box or like someone doing karaoke over a juke box backing. Why have a live act at all if there is recorded backing? Why not just have the juke box? That way an audience will get exactly the original sound they want for a particular track from the original artist? A real live act can be more exciting and spontaneous.


2. If you have any noise issues and you book live music with recorded drum and bass backing tracks you will still have noise problems - as it is largely the drum and bass sound which carries to neighbours. If you book a Kindred Spirit duo you won't have drum and bass sounds as the duos consist of acoustic guitar plus a lead instrument and vocals.


They are good quality, professional and entertaining

The sound of Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit varies, depending on line-up - solo, duo, trio or band - and the type of gig but essentially they are all very good musicians and Elaine, front and centre, is interactive and friendly with the audience, encouraging them to join in and have a good time.


They work hard to publicise gigs and venues booking them with:-

1. A regular monthly email shot to fans and friends (several 100s) with details about the latest gigs and news

2. Listings of the gigs on plenty of live music listings sites (see the links at the bottom of the home page)

3. Elaine has created a "Live Music Pub Guide" for web surfers trying to find where live music is on, on which she puts an entry for every pub booking herself solo or a Kindred Spirit line-up and which will flag the Kindred Spirit gigs up and link to other pub information (including Facebook and Lemonrock, which Elaine will also add your venue to - if you are not already on there). Lemonrock is an excellent way to spread the word about live gigs and help to bring in an audience as there is a weekly email out about what gigs are on to all members (and there are 10s of 1000s of members)!


Types of Gigs

Concerts consist of mainly (Elaine's) original work.

Pub gigs consist of mainly 60s to modern classic pop / rock and folk / rock covers and some originals (very few with duo/trio).

Care Home gigs are solo with older 50s/60s covers incl cockney songs, songs from films, war time numbers and no originals.





Choose the line-up / style you are interested in hearing, from the table below to find out more:-


Club Material

Pub Material

Care Home Site 


Elaine is known for her lively, chatty personality and she enjoys getting enthusiastic crowds joining in.

In Clubs

In a folk or acoustic club, she sings a mixture of folk and blues numbers, comedy numbers like Tom Lehrer and Jake Thackery and her own songs.

In Pubs

Elaine has a wide repertoire of '60s - modern covers for pubs from Simon and Garfunkel through to KT Tunstall.

In Care Homes

Elaine sings a mixture of war-time and sing-a-long-able numbers, chatting to residents and encouraging them to join in.

(Trio add bass)

Elaine and Catherine

Elaine and Gavin







Festival material

Pub material


Full five-piece band - with two lead players:- 
At Festivals
           In Pubs