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About Lemonrock

"Lemonrock" has many useful features for visitors and even more for its members. For instance, if you join Lemonrock, weekly live music listings, which fall within a choosable radius around your location, can be automatically emailed directly to you. As a music lover, this helps you locate some great live music happening in your area. As a venue, this helps you attract people along to see the live music you are providing.

Kindred Spirit is a member of Lemonrock and will put any venues booking them or Elaine, solo, onto the Lemonrock venues list plus new gigs onto their gigs list; so if you book Elaine or Kindred Spirit, you will help people to find your venue via Lemonrock (as well as via Kindred Spirit's own fan base).

Since joining Lemonrock, we have seen many new faces at gigs, who have come along because they heard about the gigs via the weekly Lemonrock email outs.

Lemonrock is really worth joining. Have a look at their web site (click on the logo).