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Marc Weide

Electric violin, acoustic violin and viola

Marc is a beautifully melodic player, with a high level of technical skill. He is capable of being sensitive and considerate with his playing but also able to turn on the high octane, when playing rocky solos.

Marc is one of Elaine's  Kindred Spirit duo partners & also plays in trio /band line-ups

Phil Martin

Electric violin / guitar

 Phil is a wonderfully melodic player and a very easy person to work with.

Phil is one of Elaine's  Kindred Spirit duo partners & also plays in trio /band line-ups

Sim Jones

Electric violin, electric guitar, viola

"Sim’s fiddle playing in particular is quite special - for me he’s as good as Steve Wickham of The Waterboys... ”, Andy Smythe
“Violinist, Sim, is definitely the shiniest star in the band’s  musical firmament... Small wonder fans at gigs prostrate themselves before him crying “we are not worthy!””  Grahame Hood,Music Maker

Sim is one of Elaine's  Kindred Spirit duo partners & also plays in trio /band line-ups
Sim plays in ceilidh band




John Harries

wind synth

John is a super wind player. His main instrument is saxophone but he also plays flute and wind synth brilliantly. He has been performing with legendary group "Clayson and the Argonauauts since the 70s!

John is a dep for the Kindred Spirit band.

Susie Fison


Susie is a charismatic and accomplished flautist. She is classically trained and currently plays in the Henley Symphony Orchestra as well as the wonderful Moody Blues tribute band, “Blue Onyx”, and occasionally in the Tanglefoot Ceilidh band.
You can see Susie in action with Blue Onyx from the You Tube clip below:-
Legend of a Mind video clip

Susie is one of Elaine's  Kindred Spirit duo partners & also plays in trio /band line-ups
Susie is the Moody Blue's tribute band (Blue Onyx) flute player and occasionally deps in ceilidh band




Richard Taylor

Bass guitar

Richard already plays bass in rock covers band "Aim" and has plenty of interesting bass guitar equipment!

Richard plays mostly in the trio and band line-ups

Joey Burke

Bass guitar and harmony vocals

Joey is a natural bass player and spirited performer with a beautiful voice.

Joey plays mostly in the trio and band line-ups

Chris Ross

Fretless plus 4 and 5 string fretted bass guitars.

Chris is an experienced bass player who is a dep. bass guitar player.

Chris plays mostly in the trio and band line-ups

Tim West

Bass guitar (also key- board, sax and drums)

A multi-instrumentalist, as well as a singer / songwriter, Tim is mainly depping on bass guitar playing for us along with Joey.

Tim plays mostly in the trio and band line-ups




Alan Barwise


Alan was our main drummer between May 2007 and May 2011 and recorded the "Metamorphosis" album with us. He has played most types of music including jazz, rock, folk and blues. Amongst others he has played with the Sutherland Brothers, Jive Alive, the Aldbrickham Band, Callisto and Clayson and the Argonauts to name but a few.

Alan only plays in the band line-up

Chris Goode


Chris is a session drummer and full time music degree student (2014), currently on 2nd year studying drums. He has played drums since 2007 and also has a general knowledge of guitar/bass plus a solid foundation in music theory. Chris is great to work with, being hard working, constructive, reliable and easy to get along with.

Chris only plays in the band line-up

Sean Quinn


Sean is a natural drummer and multi-instrumentallist. He has played guitar, sang and acted since an early age. Played in punk bands in the ‘80s around which time he started song writing and learnt to play drums and bass. He has been a youth worker for over 10 years giving all kinds of music workshops to children. He is also a DJ and stage manager, having managed at Glastonbury, Earthheart at Sunrise and the Big Chill.

Sean only plays in the band line-up

Russell Morgan


Russell is a very experienced drummer and band leader of a well respected fuction band as well as a rock school teacher. In order to devote more energy to his own band, Russell is taking a step back from our main drummer to a dep player.

Russell only plays in the band line-up

Hugo Louden


Hugo, another very experienced drummer, is also sharing the dep drumming.

Hugo only plays in the band line-up