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The band have released six previous albums. In 2018 they began recording their next album. It delves into a heady and thought provoking collection of material including transformation, miracles, exploration, overpopulation, alchemy, escaping daemons and Viking invasion! The album was finished in August 2019 and was launched into the world on November 2nd 2019. On this page, you can find out more about the album content, listen to clips and view a selection of the artwork. You can also order your copy of the album.


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About The Songs


All of the songs on the new album have Elaine's perceptive and often intriguing song-writing touch! The first song on the album, "No Smoke Without Fire" won a song-writing competition in March. The title track, "The Alchemyst" was featured on the cover mount CD of the September 2019, issue 102 of the global music magazine, "Prog". The final, and bonus, track is a cover of a classic song, which fans have asked them to record, as they have made it their own putting a special slant on it!



Elaine is concerned by environmental issues and many of her songs have environmental themes. For example, the title track of her previous album, “Metamorphosis” likens the greed of modern man to an enormous, ravening, caterpillar-like monster rampaging across the earth and consuming everything, including the human beings who get in the way. Some of the humans consumed inside the beast discover other like-minded individuals and cause a metamorphosis of the monster into a healing, spiritual butterfly, which then flies over the earth, healing it! Elaine has come to realise that it is very difficult for us to change our modern way of life because we are so entwined with the systems we live within. Given calls for change seem to be going unheeded, she feels that encouraging families to consider having a maximum of two children in future should stop the growing problem of global overpopulation. This action could be taken directly by the people themselves, without the requirement of governmental action. The halt to (and even reduction of) population growth would then help to reduce the impact of the modern, human way of life on the planet. While this would not be the whole answer to saving humanity from itself, it would certainly help. So she set about writing a scientifically persuasive song, called “Don't Have More Than Two”, which features on the new, “Elemental” album and which she hopes will help to influence positive change. Local, Richmond residents of all ages came together to sing on the choruses, during the recording of this song! The song has also been applauded by the group “Population Matters” https://populationmatters.org, whose patron is Richmond resident and national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, who said,

"Slowing population growth is key to saving the planet".


Elaine had struggled with her weight since a child but with the help of the excellent WW (the New Weight Watchers
https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/) programme reached her goal weight in 2018. Encouraged by her coach, she trained and became a part time WW Coach herself until August 2020, with three workshops (in Isleworth, East Sheen and Kingston). Influenced by her WW training, she wrote a sunny, uplifting, 'festival feel' song, encouraging others to take a positive step and make a change to their lives, called “Make A Change”, which also features on the new, “Elemental” album.




Inheriting her late father, Desmond Jones' (www.desmondjonesart.co.uk/) artistic ability, Elaine has produced many of her previous album covers. This album artwork is also one of Elaine's creations, complimenting the intriguing album content of alchemy and exploration by presenting a scientific puzzle. Elaine was influenced by the life and work of Dr John Dee, the astrologer and alchemist advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1st. At a London exhibition of his life and work, she saw some of his books, annotated by his own, hand drawn doodles and a medieval 'pointing finger' to highlight important points. Her album puzzle is based around an astrolabe on the CD, which can be used, together with a map, located in the album tray, to find a hidden message within the lyrics, which are laced with annotations and doodles!


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Song Lyrics


See PDFs of the Lyrics (click on the page):-

Page 4     (No Smoke Without Fire, Pandora's Box, Beyond the Ninth Wave)

Page 5     (Need Your Love, Make A Change, Vikings)

Page 6     (Don't Have More Than Two, Daemons, Understand)

Page 7     (Red Red Rose, The Alchemyst)


The album recording and cover have been finished to a very high standard has been manufactured and was delivered on September 26th! 

Read on for more about how to order your copy of the album, the special album launch concert, and listen to some audio clips below.


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Album Reviews

The Elemental album has been sent to over 40 magazines and music webzines for review. As reviews come in, links to the full reviews will appear below. To read the reviews, just click on the links.


1. RawRamp Magazine

2. Progwereld

3. Dutch Progressive Rock Page




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The Album Tracks


Track 1:  No Smoke Without Fire  cd1.gif
The bluesy rock number which won the March, Ailsa Open Mic song competition.

Hear this whole track on Spotify


Track 2:  Pandora's Box  cd1.gif
A driving number about desparately wanting to know a secret.


Track 3:  Beyond The Ninth Wave  cd1.gif
A Celtic folk rock number about the mysteries the early maritime explorers faced on the high seas.


Track 4:  Need Your Love   cd1.gif
A cosmic experience, based loosely around the Philip Pullman, 'Northern Lights' trilogy, with an with Eric Clapton rock feel.


Track 5:  Make A Change   cd1.gif
A positive song, inspired by Elaine's training to be a WW (New Weight Watchers) Coach in 2018, with a foot tapping, world music vibe. 


Track 6:  Vikings   cd1.gif
Another epic piece, laced with myth and featuring a Viking invasion and battle. It has a Game of Thrones feel in places and some interesting time signature changes!


Track 7:  Don't Have More Than Two  cd1.gif
A song specifically about overpopulation; what it is doing to the planet and what we can do to halt it.


Track 8:  Daemons  cd1.gif
A prog rock number about not letting the daemons in; running from them but ultimately fighting them with your will.


Track 9:  Understand  cd1.gif
Another driving number about going forward together even though we don't understand our purpose.


Track 10:  Red Red Rose  cd1.gif
A prog rock number about the book of revelation.


Track 11:  Alchemyst    cd1.gif
An epic, scientific, historical and intriguing number, which Elaine wrote after reading about the life and work of the astrologer, alchemist and advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1st, Dr. John Dee.

Hear this whole title track on Spotify


Track 12 (Bonus track):  Feelin Good    cd1.gif
A cover made famous by Nina Simone and Muse, which we have made our own and which fans have asked us to record.




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Last  year the Kindred Spirit Band recorded the first half of the new album including a very special population song (track 7 on the new album, called "Don't Have More Than Two".

The song hopes to explain why the growing global population is so damaging to our future and how the people of the world can act in a positive way, without the need to wait for government action (which looks like coming too late to prevent environmental disaster)!

Please have a listen to the song and share, share, share the web page for this song.....



Photos from the Recording Studio



Jez Larder at Skyline Studios






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