MNHP (Marine and Natural History Photographer) – Falmouth University

I have been an avid bird watcher and walker from a very young age and interested in art near enough since I was born. After drawing for a few years, in the early 90s (some of which decorated my parents walls!) my dad started letting me use his small film camera. Much to his annoyance, I’d empty a reel in about 10 minutes flat; This sparked off a continuing interest in the arts and in photography… “Ooo look, a bird ‘snap, snap, snap’ ”. This continued through my life as a growing hobby; studying sciences, history and the arts closely through my secondary school years; buying my first SLR in 2006-07, my much prised (and still used) D80.

Since secondary school I have taken a continued focus in the arts studying fine art and photography as well as the much-dreaded yet much-used maths. At College I found a much loved natural affinity towards photography, enjoying my studies and passing both years happily with 100% A*; finding my current and almost completed course in the first year of college, MNH Photography, a challenge and an experience I just couldn’t pass up.

Throughout my younger years I also gained a passion for music of all sorts; following my Mum, Elaine Samuels, and her band Kindred Spirit around on tours and to gigs since before I could walk; not just listening to music but being absorbed by the atmosphere and passion the musicians gave to their work, often being utilised as a photographer for the band and other known affiliates/ co-workers.

This passion continued into later life and on into my studies at university, going to; gigs, open mic’s and festivals every year; starting my first experiences of festival photography with the Brentford Festival and Boomtown Festival


in Winchester, despite having done the photography for events such as the Richmond May fair and beer festivals for many years. During this time I also worked on small conservation and habitat management projects local to home throughout college; such as Kempton Park, Bedfont lakes and Hounslow Heath; also producing photos used in newsletters by Carillion (owners of Bedfont Lakes). At University I produced photos for AK Wildlife Cruises from Falmouth and photos for the National Trust and RSPB; such as the Peregrines at St Anthony’s Headland in Cornwall.

Currently, I am on a years break from my studies and am starting a professional photography career to help fund my Natural History Photography and keep me afloat whilst joining local volunteer groups to gain experience in the field and more knowledge for id, counting, transects and animal handling licences for a career in Natural History Photography.

This career I am currently beginning is going well, with jobs popping up here and there in the local music, business and marketing areas. Slowly jobs are picking up in speed and bringing me closer to my eventual goal; aiming to become a Photographer/ Naturalist for scientific trips around England and hopefully the world; keeping up regular practice in both photography fields and spurring my interest in the pair.