The Problem


The basic problem is that human beings are not living in a sustainable way. Mass production, clearing forests and using fossil fuel, and the CO2 that produces, combined with the vast quantities of unrecycleable waste and the chemicals we produce, both to use (like pesticides and soaps) and from our waste (like mercury and radioactive isotopes) is destroying the very environment we should be protecting to live in.

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This way of living is causing:-


Global warming (from the increased CO2 ), which is melting the ice caps, raising water levels, lowering salination concentration and changing our weather systems to produce extremes like floods and droughts.




Loss of habitat and thus loss of animal and plant species living in that habitat (from deforestation and pollution).



Sickness and premature death in all living organisms; for example the honey bee - vital for plant pollination - is being wiped out by both the pesticides used on the crops it visits as well as starved by the use of vast monocultured crops, which only produce pollen at a certain time of year, giving the honey bee no other local pollen to visit.

And we are reaching a tipping point - after which there is no going back

An example of a tipping point, when a natural system goes out of control and no longer able to revert to its original state, would be the warming of the ice caps releasing pockets of methane gas, trapped in the ice, which leaves large holes, further breaking up the ice, reducing the white reflective surface, in turn reducing the earth's resistance to heating up, while the large amounts of additional methane gas increase the greenhouse effect. This will lead to the melting of the ice cap and the release of massive amounts of fresh water into our global system, causing flooding, with increased sea level and much more violent weather systems, leading to more natural disasters, like massive storm systems.


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