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August 2017


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1. Wilful Choir


2. Singing Cruise


3. Songwriting Workshop - want to go on one?


4. Songwriter's Circle - Twickenham


5. Americana Jam in Brentford!


6. Gigs and Clubs in London - Folk London





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Wilful Choir - Why not join them!



A friendly, fun singing group, with an exciting and inspiring range of songs, for everyone.. from complete beginners to more experienced singers. 

Monday evenings during term-time 7.30-9.30pm at the Canbury Pavilion.

Surya on 07770 993289 or Aaron on 07533 315696.

                               Here they all are enjoying some Christmas singing!




More info:

Surya on 07770 993289




Songwriter's Circle - Twickenham


 Find them on Facebook







Americana Jam in Brentford!

"Hosted by Harmonica Lewinsky"


This is a new monthly Jam on the second Wednesday of the month at the Brewery Tap.

I went to the first one and there were banjo and fiddle players as well as guitars - and harmonica - of course; it was great! "Yeehaaaa"!


















Drumfire Records


Drumfire Records are putting on some Twickenham concerts to support some great singer / songwriters / musicians. Find out more on the link.









Come and perform a spot at Kindred Spirit Gigs
Myself solo and my duo / trio / band, "Kindred Spirit", have a number of gigs coming up, where we have given Open Mic goers support spots. This is an opportunity for you to play a 20 - 30min spot on our PA in front of a non-open mic audience.

If you'd like to do a support
Just have a look at the Kindred Spirit "gigs" page ( - we are getting more gigs all the time), pick a gig which doesn't already have a support spot and get in touch with me! Look for the yellow support ?. If I have heard you at an Open Mic night or you can show me with audio / video clips that you are of a good standard, you will be considered. There are several slots available in the near future.









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