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Second and last Sundays
Ailsa Tavern,
263 St Margarets Rd.,
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Next One- August 13th  - Hosted by Alan Dublon




Page Contents (mostly about Elaine's nights)



1. Which Open Mic Night Dates are where? 


2. Performer Opportunities/News


3. Elaine's PA set up


4. Songwriting Competition (October 30th 2016)


5. August 27th (Elaine's Sunday) Ailsa Performers


6. July 30th (Elaine's Sunday) Ailsa Performers


7. June 25th (Elaine's Sunday) Ailsa Performers


8. Earlier Nights


9. Info / reviews - other open mics







Which Open Mic dates are where in 2017:-


Second Sundays
Alan hosting


Last Sundays
Elaine hosting


Aug 13th

Aug 27th

Sep 10th

Sep 24th

Oct 8th

Oct 29th

Nov 12th

Nov 26th

Dec 10th

Dec 31st (or maybe Dec 24th TBC)





Elaine's Open Mic Night


The set up:-


I bring my Peavey mixer amp system, which has plenty of channels and should be able to cope with a small group on stage (4 vocal mics and plenty of jack inputs for the DI of instruments).


Singer needing accompanist?:

If you can bring a song sheet for the song(s) you would like to sing, with clearly marked guitar chords, I can accompany you on my guitar - if you are a singer wanting to do a spot. 


First come - first served:

I will make a list of people wanting to play, who come along on the night and spots or opportunities to get accompaniment or jam will be given on a first come first served basis. You can book a spot in advance and will be given a preferential placement but you still need to turn up reasonably early to secure your spot it if we have a busy night.


If you are an instrumentalist wanting to jam:

If you are a good lead player wanting the chance to jam along with an act, I would be happy for you to plug in and jam with my numbers (as host). Other acts may be interested in added accompaniment - but it would have to be their choice.


Photos and Video

My husband, Clive, takes photos and video footage when he comes along. (He isn't always there). If you would prefer not to be photographed or videoed please let us know. If we do video your performance, we will put it onto You Tube privately for you to view and it can stay private or, if you would like it to featured, we can make it public on the: A+E Open Mic You Tube page.


Good Opportunity

If you are looking to make contacts with the music business - get gigs and get yourself known - this open mic is a GREAT opportunity, since I have contacts with local venues and festivals and you can have your music featured / linked to the Open Mic page, once you come and play. I can offer support spots at my gigs too.
See more about this...



Sunday 27th August - Ailsa Tavern (the next A&E Open Mic - hosted by Elaine)

The Performers so far:-


Advance Notice - for August 27th Open Mic

Shaun Berry will be giving us a spot - on his UK tour from South Africa! Check him out!



If you know you will be coming along and want to let people know, you can get on the list to perform on the night in advance plus I will list your name on the open mic page (with a link to your own web information - if you have any) e-mail

NOTE: At Elaine's Open Mic:-

 A "booked" spot still needs to be claimed by arriving before 8pm on the night and your name will be listed when you arrive.

 An early spot will guarantee you 3 numbers but a later spot may only be 2, if we are busy.!

 This is because we try to fit everyone in and let them have an audience to play to (& many people leave by 10.30pm).

(Latecomers may not get a spot if we are particularly busy)!




Sunday 30th July - Ailsa Tavern (the next A&E Open Mic - hosted by Elaine)

The Performers who came:-

1. Alan Dublon

2. Ian Durant

3. Surya Cooper

4. Champagne Charlie

5. Don and Kate ("Mick Night and the Messenger")

6. Steve Hutchinson

7. Dave Irons

8. Sally

9. Beverley

10. Cookie

11. Piers and Bill

12. Dan Joseph

13. Simon O'Grady


It was a quality night with quite a few performers, considering the road closure problems due to the cycle racing, and several new faces!




Sunday 25th June - Ailsa Tavern (hosted by Elaine)

The Performers who came:-

1. Greg Moran

2. Phil Ray

3. Jon and Bev - Capishe

4. Tim West

5. Dave Irons

6. Steve Hutchinson

7. Sarah Weir

8. Piers Hogg

It was another fun evening with plenty of collaborations. Tim West was asked to play along quite a lot on his great 6 string banjo! We had fun with the sound (which was our surprise for the evening)! We have bought a new system (mainly for Kindred Spirit Band gigs) with a digital mixer driven by software via PC laptop or tablet and new, lighter, active speakers. It proved tricky to use with being so new to working it and with so many quick changes! We have also discovered that our new, powered speakers have a fundamental issue (and are going back to the shop today). We managed to compensate for the speakers and geta reasonable sound for the Open Mic, which didn't spoil the evening. (We'll be going back to the usual mixer amp and passive speakers for the next Open Mic, in July though)!





 Monday May 29th - Ailsa Tavern (hosted by Elaine)

The Performers Who Played:-

1. Martin Dyson

2. Terry Silver

3. Alan Dublon

4. Phil Garvey

5. Surya Cooper

6. Capishe - Jon Bental and Beverley

7. Richard Stephenson

8. Mark Sharp

9. Diane

10. Peter London

11. Evensong - Mark & Annie

12. Piers & Bill

13. Phil Ray

14. Simon O'Grady

15. Cookie


It was a really lovely night! A host of performers who performed brilliantly and a really listening, responsive audience! We also discovered that Simon O Grady plays the flute incredibly well (along with his super voice and guitar playing)! Thank-you everyone who came!









                        OTHER LOCAL AND RELATED INFORMATION                               

Information on other Open Mics / Jams (ordered in proximity to the Ailsa, Twickenham)

Vic Cracknell Open Mic Nights (various nights and venues in Surrey / Hampshire)

Day of Week      Place Time Web Links



Last (Elaine) and second (Alan) Sundays      

Ailsa Tavern, Twickenham      


See this page

First Sundays (Elaine and Alan sharing)

Stokes and Moncreiff, Twickenham


See this page

Third Sundays (starting Jan 2013 - see below)

The Fox Inn, Hanwell     


Web info

Every Sunday

White Horse, Richmond


Web info

Every Sunday          

Morts Wine Bar


Web info

Every Sunday

The Brave Bar


Web info



Every Monday

Royal Oak, Hampton 8.30pm Web info

Every Monday

Bagster House, Shepperton 8.30pm



Monthly-ish on a second Tuesday of Month

Bagster House, Shepperton 8.30pm
Every Tuesday The Swan, Hampton Wick, Kingston 8pm Web info
Every Tuesday

Mau Mau Bar, Ladbrook Grove, London, W11

8.30pm Web info
Every Tuesday The Swan, Esher


Web info

Every Tuesday George, Aldershot 8pm Web info


Every Wednesday Red Lion, Isleworth 9pm Web info
Every Wednesday The Mitre, Richmond 8.45pm Web info
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month The Ash Tree, Ashford 8pm Web info


Every Thursday

Six Bells (Edwin)

9pm Web info
Every Thursday
Rifleman, Twickenham


Web info
Third Thursdays           The Kings Arms, Hanwell 8pm Web info
Every Thursday Halfway House, Barnes


Web info
Every Thursday Percy Lambert, Weybridge 9pm Web info
First Thursdays of the month The Viaduct, Hanwell


Every Thursday The Oak, Kingston


Web info

Every Thursday The Old Moot, Kingston 8pm

Web info

Red Lion, Brightwell cum Sotwell
8pm Web info




Monthly - usually 3rd Friday  (Check for info)

Osterley - Thistleworth Tennis Club


More info - email:



 Open Mics start at different times, some you have to arrive at the start to sign up - or you don't get a spot, some have amplification and some not and some  only allow non electric music! Always check the Open Mic is "on" before setting off; pubs, which are the usual venues, are closing and changing hands  frequently in these difficult times and your Open Mic may have closed or moved to a new venue!

 The table above is not an exhaustive list. For more information, check out the web sites below:-

"Find an Open Mic"   

London UK Open Mic List 

"Open Mic Finder"   

Richard Gregory Open Mics  

"Virtually Acoustic"   

West London Jam Nights





Open Mic Night Reviews


Review of the W7 Edge Open Mic, Hanwell - Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

This is a very vibrant event in a perfectly shaped space at the Grosvenor Pub, which incidently serves some very interesting real ales! The Open Mic is run by a trio collective with Ranjit hosting and keeping the pre booked slots happening in good time. I enjoyed playing here although there was often a high level of noise from the bar, since it was a busy night! The performers were given a "free drink" token to spend at the bar and a collection bucket was passed around later in the evening to cover maintenance costs of the equipment.


Review of the Swan Inn Open Mic, Hampton Wick - Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

This Open Mic only started a couple of weeks earlier but was nevertheless attracting an obvious group of Open Mic performers and audience. The pub has a lovely stage area with wooden surround rail and the Open Mic has a good quality Yamaha PA system with quality mics. I was extremely impressed with the standard of the performers and really enjoyed the warm, friendly atmosophere as well as playing there.


Review of Grey Horse Open Mic - Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 (now moved to The Cavern, Raynes Park)

I discovered that the Open Mic spots at the Grey Horse were all booked in advance and so - as I decided to come along as a last minute decision was pleasantly surprised to get to play a number! The evening is hosted by Maria Ahearn and is very friendly and welcoming. The evening was not typical as the usual room at the back was not available on this particular night but even though it was a little noisy at the bar at times, the atmosphere was great, there were some interesting singer / song-writers, the sound was very good and I had a great time!



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