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Elaine Plays at Westfield and Gets a Sennheiser Vocal Mic!

My gig at Westfield Shepherds Bush on November 20th was exciting! Like playing an arena with layers of tiered balconies! I had some excellent engineers and the stage was being sponsored by Sennheiser. We were so impressed with the sound that I now have an early Christmas present of a Sennheiser vocal mic! With my Baby Taylor and the new microphone, my sound should be even better!

If you fancy playing at Westfield Shepherds Bush check out the Performer Opportunities Page


Elaine Acquires a Baby Taylor Guitar

Elaine has just purchased a Baby Taylor guitar, so that she gets the real acoustic guitar sound again with a guitar, which is light and thin enough for her to play without causing her further neck or shoulder issues. She tried out quite a few small guitars at Peach Guitars, in Colchester, who were very helpful and a fabulously big, friendly store. The Baby Taylor was the lightest and best sound combination and Elaine is very happy with it! The observent among you will see the sound hole is plugged. This is to try to reduce feed back at gigs. Elaine is making a rubber version (as nobody seems to make these commercially).

She also tried out a Theorbo (pictured far right) just for fun at the Early Music Festival but decided not to buy one!


 Photo by Clive Turner

Photo by Clive Turner



Elaine and Catherine Played with the Simply Moodies in October!


Saturday 17th October, 8pm

Simply Moodies Concert
(Moody Blues Acoustic Tribute Band)

David Waddington


St. Mary's Millenium Hall,
Osterley, TW7 4PW




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Album Launch Concert, September 5th

We had a super concert at Central Studio on September 5th. Our band, with Chris Goode, who is able to play synth AND drums at the same time, played one of our best performances ever! We sang all the songs from our latest album, "Phoenix Rising", with Steve Hutchinson joining us adding his beautiful harmony vocals on several numbers. The lighting and the sound was exemplary (thank-you Chester and the team) and the amount of fog made up for the lack of fog at the April album launch in St Augustine's Church! The support band "Into Eden" were awsome, especially as this was their first gig! What a treat!


See the Facebook gallery of photos


Photoshoot August 2015

The band are had a new photoshoot done this August, in a beautiful Twickenham location,
with RP-Photography-Solutions
, who specialise in band and events photography (as well as wildlife photography)!

Here is a picture from the shoot. Watch out for more of the new photos, as they are released!


Odiham Booze and Blues Festival Saturday 27th June, 3pm
Spot the missing band member!

We had beautiful weather, super sound men, a wonderful stage, ready to go and then a last minute problem with the vioin! Arrrgh! Catherine had to play all the solos and duelling instrumentals herself! She did a great job!


Pagan Conference London Saturday 27th June, 9.30pm

Then on to Leytonstone for the evening gig, with a fix to the violin problem, only to discover problems at the Pagan Conference with the band scheduling (due to the band who were lending their PA not having brought their PA and the other band stepping in with their PA arriving late). We had to set up our entire PA for our hour long spot (as the band lending their PA couldn't stay for our spot) so we ended up setting up at the other end of the hall, to save on set up time (which is why the lighting is poorer in the picture). Never mind, we played well, with a full set of band members and the pagan crowd seemed to like us!



The Band Plays On in Richmond!
Saturday, 9th May, Richmond May Fair 


Click here for more photos

The traffic was absolutely murder in the Twickenham area and, with 20 minutes to go, Elaine received the messages that both Gavin (electric violin) and Mike (bass) were stuck in traffic and might not make it! Coming from her music teaching in Berkshire, it was always going to be tricky for Catherine (flute) to make it; so Elaine had to inform Les Binks (our legendary drummer) that it might just be her and him doing a duo and we might have to alter the set, which made Les chuckle!! At the eleventh hour Gavin and Catherine arrived but Mike was totally jammed in, in Twickenham; so the band went on minus Mike on bass! Even so, with Les' persuasion, they decided to give the Chain (which features the famous bass part heard in Formula 1 TV) a go! Here is a You Tube of their efforts on the Chain! Enjoy!

At least the weather was nice and sunny and people were impressed enough to buy copies of the new album!




Additional A&E Open Mic Night - First Sundays

From July 5th - the opening night - Twickenham pub, Stokes and Moncreiff, in Richmond Rd. will be having A&E Open Mic Nights on the FIRST SUNDAYS of the month!

Watch out for special A&E gigs at the pub too, which will have two 30min feature spots and offer jamming along from lead / bass players and backing vocalists.

If you might be interested in a feature spot , get along and support the A&E Open Mic nights at the Ailsa or the launch of the new A&E Open Mic night at Stokes and Moncreiff on Sunday, 5th July.











On Tuesday, 5th May, 11am Elaine and Steve Hutchinson played live and chatted with Mandy Morrow on Radio Wey (87.9 FM or you can listen to the station online), St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsey.

It was fun and Elaine was glad to make it in time as she spent about 40mins trying to find a parking space and having to run back to the studio! Phew!



Album Launch Concert Success

St Augustine's Church
Hospital Bridge Rd., Whitton, TW2 6DE,
In aid of Homelink

"At one point there were at least eight musicians on stage (many of the musicians who had worked on the recording had made special journeys to be able to join Elaine for this special night) and the pews were packed with delighted music lovers. It was a celebration of all the best things in lifeā€¦ Good company, wonderful sounds and a peaceful, sacred place to meditate on those things that we sometimes take for granted." Read the full review
Neil Mach, Ad Pontes

We had a Les Binks fan, who even came all the way from Finland just to see him play (and get his back catalog of albums with Les on signed in the interval - poor Les)!

See photos from the concert


See more videos from the concert

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A Tipping Point for the Environment is rapidly approaching

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CD Baby and Spotify

We have two albums on CD Baby and Spotify now; "The Watchers" and "In The Doghouse". We will be adding "Metamorphosis" and "Dance Of Life" to both these sites soon!

You can find our CD Baby and Spotify tracks from the links below:-

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Kindred Spirit Band Twitter

The Kindred Spirit Band have their own Twitter page now - especially for band news and info!

Find it here:-






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