Gigs 2017


January 2017


3rd TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


4th WED Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


5th THU Private Gig, Weybridge, 2pm  (SOLO)


6th FRI Private Gig, Esher, 3pm  (SOLO)


10th TUE Private Gig, Twickenham, 11am  (SOLO)


17th TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


19th THU Private Gig, Shepperton, 1.45pm  (SOLO)


23rd MON Private Gig, Kew, 2pm  (SOLO)


26th THU Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


28th January 2017
Band @ The Old Mill Plumstead - a well regarded live music venue south east of London! 
                                                                       Old Mill Rd.,
Plumstead, London SE18 1QG, 8.30pm - 11.00pm Pub Guide 

29th SUN
Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide


31st TUE Private Gig, Twickenham, 2.30pm  (SOLO)






February 2017


7th TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


9th THU Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


15th WED Private Gig, Twickenham, 3pm  (SOLO)


16th THU Private Gig, Shepperton, 1.45pm  (SOLO)


20th MON Private Gig, Whitton, 2pm  (SOLO)




Friday 24th February, 9pm
Weybridge Conservative Club
70 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8DL

There is a small admission fee for non members

Kindred Spirit Band

A great club and non members are welcome..








26th SUN Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide  Cancelled due to rugby


28th TUE Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)




March 2017



2nd THU Private Gig, Twickenham, 2.30pm  (SOLO)


3rd FRI Private Gig, Esher, 3pm  (SOLO)


4th SAT Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


4th SAT Private Gig, Teddington, 3.30pm  (SOLO)


8th WED Private Gig, New Malden, 3pm  (SOLO)  CANCELLED


10th FRI Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO) CANCELLED


Claygate Festival

Concert starts at 7.30pm


FRI Isleworth, The Swan Inn, Swan St, Old Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6RJ, 8.30 - 11pm  (DUO E + Martin Ash)  Pub Guide  St Patricks Gig


18th SAT  Private Gig , North Hants Golf Club, Minley Rd., Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 1RF  (BAND) 


21st TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


22nd WED Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)



Special Band Concert in Twickenham



10 (8 concessions)
buy online  (from Nov 1st)
or from Church Office / on door


The Kindred Spirit band, with support Cathryn Gleeson, will be performing a concert, in this beautiful church, to jointly raise money for the church, band and local charity Spear.






26th SUN Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide


27th MON Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)



Robin 2, Bilston 
Prog Rock Fest
Nineteen73 Live

Sunday, April 2nd



Kindred Spirit Band and more...

(Click on the images for
more info)











"Four Play" Prog Rock Festival

Saturday 8th April   2017  midday - 10.30pm



Kindred Spirit Band perform in the evening   


The Acoustic Couch
11 Market Street, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 1JG


For all the details click the link / image









9th SUN Private Gig, Esher, 2pm  (SOLO)



Fri 14th - Sun 16th April Kindred Spirit Duo Rendez-Vous Tall Ships Regatta, Greenwich



This will be a bit of a marathon event where Elaine and Martin will be performing on stage and in the street, both in the town centre and at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich, for this historic regatta weekend! Their performances will be during the day (see the locations and times below)! Watch out for Martin dancing around with his violin and collapsing at the end of it! The town will be full of street entertainment and there will be fireworks in the evening.

See the magnificent Tall Ships at the Maritime Greenwich and Royal Arsenal Woolwich riverfronts.

A fleet of more than 30 ships takes to the river Thames for four days of festivities over the Easter weekend, as the crews prepare for a 7,000 nautical mile transatlantic race to Canada.

The vessels will leave London at the end of the weekend, setting sail for Portugal, Bermuda and Boston, before arriving in Quebec on 18 July.




Here is where Elaine & Martin will be performing:-



 Friday 14th April - Greenwich

11:00 - Main Stage - Cutty Sark Gardens

13:15 - Band Stand - New Capital Quay (west of town)



Saturday 15th April - Greenwich

11:15 - Band Stand - New Capital Quay (west of town)

14:00 - Band Stand - New Capital Quay (west of town)

16:15 - Street performance (by the metal whale)!



Sunday 16th April - Royal Woolwich Arsenal

12:45 - Powis Street Performers Platform

15:30 - Woolwich Pier Stage



Find out more



25th TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


30th SUN Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide






May 2017


3rd WED Private Gig, New Malden, 3pm  (SOLO)


4th THU Private Gig, Twickenham, 2.30pm  (SOLO)


5th FRI Private Gig, Esher, 3pm  (SOLO)


9th TUE Private Gig, Esher, 11.30am  (SOLO)


10th WED Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)



Saturday, 13th  May, 2 - 2.45pm  


Richmond May Fair      FREE


The Green, Surrey, TW9 1QJ,


Kindred Spirit Band



The Kindred Spirit band have been invited

back to play for 2017 and are really looking forward

to performing at this fun, family fair again.



There are plenty of food / drink / craft and other stalls

plus a fun fair and of course the main stage, where

there is a variety of entertainment on offer all







18th THU Private Gig, Shepperton, 1.45pm  (SOLO)


19th FRI Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


21st SUN Private Gig, Staines, afternoon  (SOLO)


25th THU Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)



Saturday 27th May 2017, 8.30pm
Belmont Conservative Club
31-33 Station Rd, Sutton SM2 6BX

Small admission fee for non members


A great club with a great stage for the acts to perform on..... Can hold up to 200. (150 in back bar and 50 at front bar). Non members are welcome.. Having been recently refurbished they are also welcoming new members. (25 per year). The bands are great and drinks are cheap. Combine this with the great atmosphere and friendly staff and you get one great venue.......


The Kindred Spirit Band will be performing at 9pm BUT the music starts at 8.30pm with fast up and coming guitarist and singer Nick Higton, "The Aultones"

Nick recorded his debut album "Fear Without Progression" at Abbey Road Studios in November 2015. "Boomerang" from the album was voted Classic Pop Magazine 'Single of The Month' October/November by legendary songsmith Ricky Ross. 25 radio stations (Including BBC, TalkSPORT) from UK and Worldwide have played The Aultones music. From June 2015 to April 2017, Nick performed 100 live dates including The Hard Rock Cafe, London and The Half Moon, Putney. 




      with support from "The Aultones"





 29th MON Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide






June 2017


3rd SAT Private Gig, Teddington, 2.30pm  (SOLO)


3rd SAT Fleet, Private Gig, The Broadway Club, Albert Street, Hants, GU51 3RN, 9pm, (BAND) being postponed


5th MON Private Gig, Whitton, 2pm  (SOLO)


10th SAT Staines, Wheatsheaf & Pigeon, Penton Rd, Staines, Middx, TW18 2LL, 9 - 11pm, (DUO E + Martin Ash)  Pub Guide


17th SAT Private Gig, Hampton Wick, 2.15pm  (SOLO)


23rd FRI Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


23rd FRI Private Gig, Weybridge, 4pm  (SOLO)



Saturday 24th June 2017, 

7.30pm - 10pm

Kindred Spirit Band


This concert is 5 admission including food!
The band will be performing in the beautiful
church hall!


Baptist Church,


50 - 52, Twickenham Green, Surrey, TW2 5AB,





25th SUN Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide


28th WED Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)






July 2017



Saturday 1st July
Kindred Spirit Duo - Elaine & Martin

Will be performing at:-

Main Stage Rectory Gdns - 3.30pm
Great Northern Railway Tavern - 7pm


This will be a first visit by Kindred Spirit to the Hornsey Festival Weekend. We are really looking forward to it!

Find out more




4th TUE Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


5th WED Private Gig, Weybridge, 2.30pm  (SOLO)


6th THU Private Gig, Esher, 3pm  (SOLO)


17th MON Private Gig, Whitton, 2pm  (SOLO)


20th THU Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)



Farncombe Music Club (click on the link below for more info and ticket links) is a very prestigious music club held in the beautiful St Johns Church, Farncombe, run by Julian Lewry. The club has excellent engineers and lighting; so this will be a great place to see the Kindred Spirit Band. The Club books big names, such as "Curved Air", who Kindred Spirit supported in March, at Claygate Festival.

Tonight we are also playing with our famous drummer (ex Judas Priest), Les Binks!

We are also being supported by the excellent band "Jump"

Don't miss this special concert!




Farncombe Music Club info




22nd SAT Private Gig, Barnet, 8pm  (DUO Elaine + Martin)


25th TUE Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


30th SUN Twickenham, Ailsa Tavern, OPEN MIC NIGHT, 263 St. Margarets Rd., Middx., TW1 1NJ, 7 - 10pm  (SOLO)  Pub Guide






August 2017




Saturday 5th August, midday

Kindred Spirit Band

Fleet Beer Festival

The full band will be performing today at this fab beer festival which is being held in a lovely little theatre called "The Harlington. Here we are playing in 2016!


   There will be another great band playing too in the evening as well as a BBQ and over    40 different real ales and cider!




9th WED Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO)


12th SAT Reading, Wishing Well, 280 Oxford Rd, Berkshire, RG30 1AD, 8.30 - 11.30pm, (DUO E + Martin Ash)  Pub Guide


13th SUN Guildford, The Village - Summer Fun, between Woodbridge Rd and Commercial Rd., Surrey, 1pm - 3pm, (DUO E + Martin Ash) 



17th THU Private Gig, Shepperton, 1.45pm  (SOLO) cancelled


18th FRI Private Gig, Whitton, 11am  (SOLO) cancelled







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