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Exhibition May 12th - 14th

The Exhibition went very well. You can read about it in detail, with photos and videos here.



Auction Lots

The Auction Lot Table & Catalogue can now be viewed on the "Auction" page here.

Entry to the auction is going to be 3 (buyable online or on the door). Don't forget to view the paintings "in the flesh" at the Exhibition, at Orleans House, on Saturday May 13th or Sunday May 14th. This will be the only chance to view them altogether since revealing them and before they are sold!



Visit to Nepalese Embassy - March 15th

The artist's daughter, Elaine Samuels, as organiser of the "Extraordinary Charity Art Auction", was invited to an exclusive preview evening of a fabulous Exhibition by celebrated artist, Stephen King. Stephen has painted a marvellous collection of work featuring the mountains of Nepal, which is well worth a visit (both the exhibition and Nepal, by all accounts)! Having been invited, and armed with flyers for the "Extraordinary Charity Art Auction" (in a slightly larger than A5 sized and newly acquired handbag) Elaine was, as well as seeing the wonderful paintings and meeting some interesting people, hoping to be able to "spread the word" about the Desmond Jones Art and events. Read more to see how she got on...



Film About the Project
A short documentary film is being planned, with footage from the exhibition and about some of the work of the local charities, which is going to be very exciting.



Once in a Lifetime Exhibition - May 12th - 14th
The remaining collection of Desmond Jones Artworks are to be exhibited, prior to auction, at Orleans House, in the Coach House, from Friday 12th May - Sunday 14th May. Find out more


Special Auction Coming - Friday, June 9th 2017
Many of the Desmond Jones collection of paintings are to be auctioned at a special event in Richmond in 2017. Over 30 local or connected charities are set to be involved in choosing a painting from which to receive a % of the money raised from the sale of their chosen painting! We have a celebrity BBC auctioneer taking it too! It is going to be an extraordinary event! 
More details about this event are being posted on a special page about the auction, as it evolves. Click on the link to take a look...







See RP Photography Solution's images of the event


Read the full article on the Richmond upon Thames College web site.




Full Catalogue of Art with Upgraded Photos

Following advice from art experts, the complete collection of Desmond Jones' artwork has been valued and a full catalogue compiled. New, higher quality images of the artwork have also been taken and uploaded. A "shop" is also being set up, whereby prints of Desmond Jones' paintings can also be purchased.