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November 27th - Ailsa Tavern (the next A&E Open Mic - hosted by Elaine)



The Performers who came:-

1. Orisa Thandi

2. John Harvey

3. Phil Garvey

4. Richard Stephenson

5. Jon Bental and Beverley - Capisce

6. Surya Cooper

7. Mark Sharp

8. Cookie

9. Simon O'Grady

10. Anthony Bennett

11. Dave Irons

12. Mary Waddington

13. Piers and Bill

14. Alan Dublon


It was another fun, busy night! Here are some photos from Clive...





October 30th - Ailsa Tavern (the next A&E Open Mic - hosted by Elaine)



The Performers who came:-

1. David Stenhouse

2. Richard Stephenson

3. Midnight and the Messenger

4. Rin

                 Songwriting Competition (click link below for who won and how it went)

5. Rob Percy

6. Togog - Geoff and Tony

7. Lost John

8. Dave Viney


It was a super night with plenty of interest in the song-writing competition (click the green link below to see how it went, who won and re-live the winning song on video footage). Thanks to Martin Dyson for providing the American flag to get us all in the mood!





The US Presidential Election is taking place on November 8th. Who will gain control of the White House? This was a challenge to song-writers to write an appropriate song!

On the October 30th night, the Open Mic ran as normal with the addition of the songwriting competition at 8pm. All entrants put 5 in the hat and got to vote for one of the competition songs (just not their own entry)! The winner got all the hat money! It was a fun challenge!

To see how it went and who won    click here


Competition Entrants / Performers on the night:-

1. Peter Crutchfield

2. Elaine Samuels

3. Martin Dyson

4. Sue Bigmore

5. Phil Ray

6. Gregory Moran

7. Tracy Picardi and Sam Olive

8. Mark Sharp

9. Cookie







July 31st - Ailsa Tavern




The Performers who came:-

1. Phil Ray

2. Gregory Moran

3. Richard Stephenson

4. Martin Dyson

5. Steve Hutchinson

6. Alan Dublon

7. Peter London

8. Jon Bental

9. "Mike and the Messengers (Don & Kate)

10. Rin

11. Mark Sharp

12. Tracy Picardi


and wonderful violin playing from Romek and flute, sax, cello and singing from the talented (and "in demand") Stevie Mitchell!





June 26th - Ailsa Tavern






May 22nd (date adjusted due to rugby) - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-

1. Liam Anderson and Ben

2. Surya Cooper

3. Kosmic Troubadour

4. Martin Dyson

5. Richard Stephenson

6. Rory Gilbert

7. Cookie

8. Evensong - Mark and Annie

9. Paulo and Ahmed

10. Dr Slidehow

11. Champagne Charlie

12. Roger Harrison

13. Alan Dublon

                                     and joining us:-

                                     On Violin - Romek

                                     On harmonica - Steve Goslin


It was a really bumper, fun night with some excellent new, young performers, a first visit from the Kosmic Troubadour, who I met earlier at Merton Abbey Mills, great returning regulars and friends and playing from Romek, on violin, and Steve Goslin, on harmonica!



May 1st - Stokes & Moncreiff


The Performers who came:-

1. John Sampson

2. Martin Dyson

3. Alan Dublon

4. Walter P Kennedy

5. Dan Colberg

6. APopLexy

7. Richard Stephenson


It was slow to get going but more people came along as the evening got going, some just to watch and listen. Roger and Lexy from APopLexy came all the way from North Kent to play a great set too!



April 24th - Ailsa Tavern (the next A&E Open Mic hosted by Elaine)


The Performers who came:-

1. Roger Harrison

2. Rory Gilbert and Sue Bigmore

3. Martin Dyson

4. Cookie

5. Surya Cooper

6. Walter P Kennedy and Marijne

7. Phil Ray

8. Greg Moran

9. Steve Hutchinson

10. Romek


It was another fun packed night with a mega jam at the end on American Pie, led by Cookie!



March 27th - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-

1. Carlos Atkinson

2. Surya Cooper

3. Richard Stephenson

4. Bill Tickell

5. Cookie

6. Dudley

7. Jon Bental

8. Alan Dublon

9. Romek

10. Martin Dyson

It was a really fun night! We had just explained what "Doing a Jon Bental" meant when he walked in and proceeded to demonstrate plus pull together a super scratch band with Romek on violin, Richard Stephenson on lead guitar and Martin Dyson on drums! Romek had had a pick up fitted to his violin, which we were able to verify worked well too! There was lots of interaction and a real party atmosphere! Here, below, are some photos from Clive Turner.






February 28th - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-

1. Orisa Thandi

2. Gregory Moran

3. Phil Ray

4. Mark Sharp

5. Surya Cooper

6. Dudley Tyrell

7. Alan Dublon

8. Martin Dyson

9. Eveningland duo (David and Mike)

10. Bryan

11. Lillith By My Side

12. Rory

13. Romek

14. Tim Hain

15. Jim Baylis


It was a busy and fun packed night with new, 16 year old performer Orisa stunning everyone with her beautiful voice, sophisticated, original songs and extremely competent guitar playing. It was her first ever live performance too! Incredible! Here are some images from the night


February 7th - Stokes and Moncreiff


The Performers who came:-

1. Martin Dyson

2. Amber Liadan

3. Marcus Raja

4. Walter P Kennedy

5. Mark Sharp

6. Cookie

7. Luke Corbett

8. Alan Dublon

9. June and Piers

10. Bill and Piers

11. Dr Slideshow

12. Harry Fisher

13. Hannah Rachael Louise

14. Dave Irons

What a fabulous night! New faces, a good sized crowd and a great vibe AND we heard Harry Fisher, who is currently on the Voice (in team "Boy George") and boy, what a voice he has!! See Clive's photo's from the night below and here is Harry Fisher performing on "The Voice".






January 31st - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-

1. The Folk Ukes

2. Gregory Moran

3. Phil Ray

4. Sue Bigmore

5. Richard Stephenson

6. Dudley

7. Walter P Kennedy

8. Cookie

9. Martin Dyson

10. Surya Cooper

11. Alan Dublon

12. Tony & Geoff ("Two Old Gits With Guitars")

13. Mark Sharp

14. Cornish Will

It was a super night; lots of great music and a really fun time with dancing and joining in plus meeting new people and making new friends! Here are some of Clive Turner's photos of the night.



December 27th Ailsa Open Mic was cancelled due to rugby at





December 6th - Stokes and Moncreiff


The Performers who came:-

1. Amber Liadan

2. Martin Dyson

3. Mark Sharp

4. Dudley Tyrrell

5. Cookie

6. Alan Dublon


It was a small but quality gathering displaced to the back stage area due to the enormous Christmas tree just in front of our usual stage area. We jammed, we sang together and it was lovely.






November 29th- Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-


1. Phil Ray

2. Terry Silver

3. Jon Bental

4. Champagne Charlie

5. Cookie

6. Martin Dyson

7. Mark Sharp

8. Pat Dyos

9. Phil Garvey

10. Dudley Tyrrell


It was a lovely night with plenty of quality performances, especially using my new Sennheiser vocal mic! (see below).






October 4th - Stokes and Moncreiff

The Performers who came:-

1. Walter P Kennedy

2. Steve Hutchinson

3. Martin Dyson

4. G & T ( Greg duo)

5. Maddie Williams

6. Jim and Lorna

7. Surya Cooper

8. Cookie

9. Alan Dublon

It was a super night! We had more new faces, who were brilliant; Maddie, who did her an unusual "cup" song (which involved sitting on the floor, singing and tapping / rotating the cup for drum sounds!) and Lorna and Jim, who assured us they were very out of practice but were very, very good! Stokes was packed with people who had come to see the Open Mic and it was a real buzz!


September 27th - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-


1. Martin Dyson

2. Ozlem Muschett

3. Surya Cooper

4. Bridget Chapple

5. Walter P Kennedy

6. Champagne Charlie

7. Graham

8. Greg

9. Jim

10. Dudley

11. Cookie

12. Mark Sharp

13. Dave Irons



We had a lovely turn out for the evening, with more new faces as well as welcome familiar performers! It was a very enjoyable night.






July 5th - Stokes and Moncreiff - First One!


The Performers who came:-


1. Martin Dyson

2. Jon Bental

3. Mark Sharp

4. Alan Dublon

5. Steve Hutchinson

6. Barnaby - the barman

This was a really fun night, if sparse on the attendance front! The space here at Stokes is super and comfortable. The staff are really helpful, friendly and musical. Seb is an opera singer (but we haven't managed to persuade him to sing yet. Maybe next time?) and Barnaby is a pretty mean guitar player! He played a spot with the mighty Mark Sharp at one point! See the photos below.





June 28th - Ailsa Tavern


The Performers who came:-


1. Nick Pimbert

2. Martin Dyson

3. Steve Hutchinson

4. Surya Cooper

5. Judith Arkell

6. Eveningland

7. Lisa

8. Frazer

9. Alan Dublon

10. Ivor Game

11. Piers and Bill

12. James Lamb

13. Toby Stewart

14. Rick Bowden

15. Olly

16. Marc Ratcliff

It was a bumper, fun packed night with quite a few new faces!





 Bank Holiday Monday May 25th


The Performers who came:-



1. Eveningland

2. Steve Hutchinson

3. Jim Bayliss

4. Mark Sharp

5. Martin Dyson

6. Piers and Bill


It was a small but quality group of performers for this bank holiday Monday Open Mic night! We all got two goes except me (because I had a sore throat!). Piers was on form and in demand again with his extraordinary organ effect!! Here are some photos from the night.




April 26th


The Performers who came:-



1.  Terry Silver

2. Martin Dyson

3. The Monteurs

4. Luke

5. Hassan

6. Alan Dublon

7. Dr Slideshow

8. Phil Garvey

9. Dave Irons and Carmel

10. Jim

11. Piers (with Elaine and Alan)

12. John Vassalo


It was a fun night, with a professional 5 piece band, "The Monteurs" turning up and some very classy performances from "Dr Slideshow" and Phil Garvey in particular. Nigel, from "The Monteurs", also played his upright electric bass for other acts, which was lovely. The evening was also punctuated with the playful throwing of (clean) knickers at Alan Dublon. (Alan had purchased them to throw at Piers the previous week because of his "organ" effect on his electric guitar, for a laugh)! There was a score diagram, showing the points to be had for "knickering" him at various points on the body, the head being the highest score! There was something especially delicious about him being the target of his own idea! Ha ha! We now wonder whether the "knickering" craze might spread to other, fun open mics!!




March 29th


The Performers who came:-

1. Roger Hollingshead and Lexy

2. Chas Warlow

3. Alan Dublon

4. Mark Sharp

5. Steve Hutchinson

6. Martin Dyson

7. Jon Bental

8. Gary

9. Surya Cooper

10. Judith Arkell

11. Lilith By My Side

12. Mandolin Jack

13. Rick Bowden

What a great night it was; fantastic spot after fantastic spot and almost the whole pub focussed on the performers. There was a lovely, supportive atmosphere and - dare I say it (as I was doing it) - I believe I did a very good job on the sound for everyone!
















February 22nd


The Performers who came:-



1. Evening Land (David Harvey duo tonight with autoharp and mandolin)

2. Mad Stick Dog (super old timey / bluegrass / cajun / country band)

3. Alan Dublon,

4. Steve Hutchinson

5. Jon Bental

6. Mark Sharp

7. Martin Dyson

8. Marc Ratcliff


We were a little thinner on te ground than anticipated but boosted by the fact that there are 5 performers in the "Mad Stick Dog" band AND we had a couple of spots from talented landlord, Marc Ratcliff! We also got the chance to go round again. Its just a shame that I had come down with a cold and - after 2 gigs on Saturday - didn't feel "up" to singing much!! Sorry everyone! I love singing backing vocals too!







January 25th

- Last Open Mic at the Six Bells Brentford - from next month will be back at the Ailsa Tavern!


The Performers who came:-


1. Nessles


2. Judith Arkell


3. Piers Hogg with Sarah and Bill


4. Shivani Brooking


5. Reggie


6. Terry Silver


7. Mark Sharp


8. Brian Coope


9. Alan Dublon


10. Steve Hutchinson






This was a great night! We had some new and familiar faces, cracking songs and Glyn said a few words!



December 28th


The Performers who came:-


1. Surya Cooper

2. Alan Dublon

3. Harmonica Lewinsky

4. Juliette Smith

5. Gemma Vaz

6. John Tomsky


It was a fun night (especially trying out the new lighting rig - Christmas presents from Clive) even though there weren't many of us!







November 30th


The Performers who came:-


1. John Tomsky

2. "Eveningland" - David Harvey trio

3. Gemma Vaz

4. Phil Ray

5. Phil Barlow

6. Alan Dublon

7. Steve Hutchinson

8. Surya Cooper

9. Lax Shah

10. Mark Sharp

11. Dave Irons


It was a fabulous night with some memorable performances and new faces! Take a look!






Earlier Nights at the Six Bells